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"Share the Love"-Subaru

For the past six weeks I have been working on a massive mural for Subaru of Daytona (around 1300sq.ft.!). The first time I saw the wall inside the dealership, I was a bit overwhelmed by the scale and the height, but once I wrapped my mind around being on a scissor lift for the whole project it seemed much more approachable.

I think of all automobile dealerships, Subaru is best known for their philanthropy and commitment to local communities, so when the owners suggested designing the mural around Subaru's "Love Promise", everything clicked and the elements of the mural started falling into place. To make the mural more community oriented, we worked on having each "Love Promise" showcased in a different location around Volusia County and the surrounding area.


The mural starts in New Smyrna Beach at the Dog Beach that faces Ponce Inlet and the light house. "Subaru Loves Pets" is the corresponding promise and this section features two dogs playing at the beach. Subaru as a corporation donates to the ASPCA and our Daytona Subaru donates very generously to the Halifax Humane Society. They host an Annual "Mutt Strutt" which is a 5k on the beach with proceeds going to Halifax Humane Society. They also host adoption events onsite where they cover the adoption fees. There were so many dogs that came through during my time there, I had to take "pet brakes"!


The second Promise is "Subaru Loves Learning" and shows a child snorkeling and one watching some baby sea turtles make their way to the ocean. The featured location is the Daytona Beach Pier. I have had the honor of working with the Marine Science Center in Ponce Inlet and really wanted to highlight the sea turtle education and rehabilitation that takes place here.


Next is "Subaru Loves the Earth" which takes us into Deland, Florida at Blue Springs State Park. This section also features butterflies, a shout out to the Butterfly Garden at Sugar Mills Elementary in Port Orange donated by Subaru.


Moving along into Ormond Beach, this next section features Ormond Beach Mainstreet. Had to include my favorite coffee shop, Gold Leaf, and frame shop, Frame of Mind !


The last section is "Subaru Loves To Care" and features a family cycling on the Lehigh Rail Trail in Palm Coast, Florida and a surfer at Flagler Beach, Florida.


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